I’m so excited to be part of the Build a Line Challenge!!

This is my first foray into the blogging world, and I feel like such a newbie!! But when all else fails, I default to my Fur Babies. Here is a picture of my lovely muse, Chloe. I hope she sends me lots of inspiration in the coming weeks!

Chloe in bowl.050910.72

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7 Responses to I’m so excited to be part of the Build a Line Challenge!!

  1. What a dear girl you have there! And I like your tassel earrings! 🙂

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  2. Great start, Alexandra!

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  3. One thing I’ve learned already through this challenge already: most of us have cats! Yours is a beauty. I wouldn’t call my cat my “muse,” though. She tries to get into the middle of whatever I’m working on all the time. Your blog looks great!

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  4. Great idea! I love old trade beads and tribal, exotic looks. Brenda has some great findings you can use with this idea. This is going to be beautiful!


  5. Catherine says:

    What a great idea, Mary! Learn history while playing with baubles. How cool is that! 🙂


  6. Catherine says:

    P.S. Love your kitty!


  7. loved your blog and your concept happy creating to all of us.


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